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What You Need to Know About Best Dissertation Writing Service 5 years ago

What You Need to Know About Best Dissertation Writing Service is an online writing service that focuses on thesis and dissertation writing. It guarantees to not only deal with general theses and dissertation but also its individual chapters, editing, and proofreading. It further guarantees that these papers will be customized and competitively priced – that is, within the average set by majority of the online writing services.

Moreover, the site claims to have hired only writers who have earned university degrees from the U.S. and the U.K., and are experienced writers in their areas of study. It has been in the industry since 2011 and this confirmed by the testimonials left by its customers.

This review is a collection of information and reviews I gathered from various sources including its web content, testimonials from both on-site and off-site, and a first-hand experience with the site itself.

The components of this review include its products and services, its writers and the quality of the papers they produce, its prices and discounts, its customer service, and a conclusion to help customers decide whether or not to avail of its services.

Products and Services, as already previously mentioned, concentrates on thesis and dissertation writing – together with editing, proofreading, and formatting services. These services cover similar products such as financial dissertations, research papers, coursework, thesis proposals, dissertation discussions, results, methodologies, literature reviews, introductions, chapters, and abstracts among others.

The site provides writing samples on various areas of study that are available for download as PDF files. These allow customers to check the quality of the papers its writers produce as well as how adept they are to these areas of study.

Writers and their Quality

BestDissertation prides itself in hiring 500 writers with corresponding Ph.D. degrees. However, my experience led me to believe otherwise. The paper I ordered was about risk management, a topic already included in the writing samples the site published. Nevertheless, what I got was a second-rate paper with wrong facts and a lot of grammatical errors. It’s hard to believe that a writer with a Ph.D. would write something so off-tangent.

Testimonials from its previous customers reflect the same sentiments about the lack of substantive content and the finesse I would expect from qualified writers who have earned a Ph.D.

Prices and Discounts

The prices at are grouped into categories – standard, advanced, and premium. The price goes up as the category levels up as well. As an example, the 10-page essay with a 10-day deadline I ordered was priced at $149.90, $169.90, and $189.90, respectively. These are basic prices without any discounts applied yet.

Discounts are offered by the site starting with a 20% off of the first order you make. For regular customers, it also offers progressive discounts starting with a 5% off for orders of 15-50 pages, a 10% off for orders of 51-100 pages, and a 15% off for orders over 101 pages. There doesn’t appear to be any more special promo or promo code available aside from these.

Customer Service

Rating for customer service is poor, a reflection that they are unable to respond promptly to its customers, which is an even further reflection that they do not value having customers who are happy and satisfied not only by the products but also by the services the site offers.


I am going to rate with “poor” mainly because the promise of qualified writers with a Ph.D. degree was shamelessly not fulfilled. I was led to expect so much only to be utterly disappointed upon receiving my order.

Moreover, testimonials about its products and services are also toward the negative. It reflects that they do not value quality and that whatever guarantees they made on their site are empty promises. I would recommend looking for other online writing services.

Overall, while prices are fair and reasonable, and even though papers are delivered on time – ultimately, I, as well as other customers, am unhappy and disappointed with the quality of the products and services they are offering. Its customer support does not help either.